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For over 38 years we have had hands on experience with winning drag boats, circle boats, ski race, and marathon boats. This experience has given us the knowledge to develop superior designs, and fabricate superior components for all types of boats, and for a wide variety of uses.

Building custom race and pleasure boats is more than a business with us, it is a passion. Every boat, and every piece of hardware that we build for our customers is proudly hand-crafted to exacting specifications.

That is why every boat and every piece of hardware that comes out of this shop we feel is second to none in quality, performance, and durability.

Building hardware for these types of boats is a very specialized endeavor. Seldom are any two boats "layed up" the same. They almost always come out of the mold with slight variations of dimension. So components if properly made must be taylored to the specific boat being worked on. Off the shelf hardware might work, but seldom will it work or fit well.

We have, over the years, built many fast boats, and hardware for many more, but we have never built any hardware that could compromise the safety of the operator in order to save a little weight. Fabricating a part too light or not strong enough for the intended usage is not an option. Racing components are built as light as possible without sacrificing strength, durability, or the structural integrity of the boat.

When the hardware and the setup is right, you can pour the power to it, and it will respond. When the hardware and the setup is wrong, the more power you give it, the worse and more dangerous the boat handles. Which would you prefer?

If you are in the market for the finest hardware available, or if you just can't find the components that you are looking for, call or email us. We have it, we will get it, or we will make it for you.