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Fuel Injection

Vehicles equipped with electronic controlled fuel injection are the standard in the automotive industry, and have been since the mid 80's. Most of the newer boats are also being built with similar fuel systems. Also, many older cars, trucks, and boats are being retrofitted with aftermarket electronic fuel injection systems.

Fuel injection offers easier starting, more throttle response, improved fuel economy, better performance, and probably most importantly reduced exhaust emissions.

At Auto Marine Engineering we are dedicated to providing you with state of the art quality repair services.

As a part of that commitment, we offer a specialized service which isn't available from most shops. We are one of the few facilities that have and utilize an electronic fuel injector flow bench, and cleaning device. With this equipment our technicians are able to take your "tired and dirty" electronic fuel injectors and restore them to a like new condition, at a savings of over 75% of replacing the injectors with new. Most other shops that offer "fuel injection cleaning" merely inject a chemical cleaning solution under pressure into your system, and hope for the best. This can sometimes slightly improve the situation, but it doesn't even come close to the improvement that you will see when your injectors are serviced with our equipment.

Our service takes your injectors and individually identifies deficiencies with their flow rate, and equally important, their flow pattern. Keeping the flow rate equal in your injectors is important in that all of the cylinders in your engine need to receive the same amount of fuel every time that cylinder fires. This helps you engine run more smoothly, get optimum fuel economy, and reduce exhaust emissions. Flow pattern is important to driveability because as your injectors age they will accumulate tiny particles of dirt lodged in the nozzle opennings, causing the spray from the injector to become erratic. This erratic spray pattern causes many problems. Rough idle, poor throttle response, stumble on acceleration, and reduced fuel economy are very common results.

So if you feel that you are experiencing a problem that might be fuel injector related, or you just want to breathe some new life into your vehicle, call us or email us and we will gladly discuss your particular situation with you, and give you a quote.

Performance enthusiast take note, there are many different flow rate injectors available for most systems. We can taylor a set of injectors for you application that, in most cases, will net you a considerable performance gain.